I had a Book Signing at Barnes and Noble on November 11, 2017, and will have another tomorrow December 16, 2017, in Silverdale, WA. So far, good response! As Kitsap Publishing is affiliated with Ingram-Sparks, B&N gets books through that major distributor. So, I keep Plugging along, as I do with the KLAW/Kitsap Literary Artists and Writers Public Access television interview show.

Now, the Rants. First, after signing a contract with a Publisher called SOUL MATE PUBLISHING, because they had a “falling out” with the Editor they had been employing and who had been dealing with my book, they had a case of Amnesia and forgot they had signed with me. When I called them on it, “Debby” the Manager/Owner went so far as claiming I was trying to “extort them” by demanding they publish based on the contract THEY SENT ME. They are in New York, so a lawsuit is probably not realistic. So, instead, I have posted on Facebook the whole story and will also do it on Angie’s List.

A few days ago, I tried the same manuscript with another small Publisher. After a very positive response, the young man on E-mail began to cool when I said I did not need to contract with them for another Web Page. So, my impression they are not a real publisher in the sense of wanting to put books in print, but rather want to sell internet marketing services. This despite the fact their webpage says they want no money up front, etc. I guess when I told him everything I was doing to push my books, he decided I was too experienced for him. He told me book signings were a waste of time. I guess all those people like Hillary Clinton and Best Selling Authors are wasting their time.

Bottom line is that a lot of people who claim they are book publishers are either not really trying to sell books or are disorganized business models who like the title of Publisher. We Writers are the Great Unwashed to be used and tossed away as our writting is NOT real work.

In today’s writing environment, I think all these so-called Publishers forget we can now all Self Publish. It takes more effort, but we can do it. Just as Hollywood is losing its monopolistic clout to HULU, NETFLIX,  Indie Films et al, the big Publishing Houses are losing theirs. So to all you Authors and Writers, do it YOU way! Form your own little group to publish, help each other. Never Give Up, Never Surrender.

See you all in the Funny Papers.



I just received an excellent book review by Donna Lee Anderson in her column BOOKENDS, published in the Port Orchard Independent/Kitsap Weekly, September 8, 2017. Even though she is not a normal reader of Sci Fi/Speculative Fiction, Donna enjoyed my stories from THE TSCHAAA  INFESTATION series. If you can locate the column on line, give it a read. Its a good overview of some of the main themes of my literary works.

Just finished the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, July 20 to July 24, 2017. I pitched some book ideas to Agents and Editors, received Four Requests for submissions, including a possible Screen Play. One was a SCI-FI continuation for the FREE RANGE PROTOCOL world, the other three for a Thriller I am writing. You keep plugging, submitting, and eventually people will notice. I sold some books and I and another of my cohorts in crime are looking forward to doing an Author Interview Show during the Conference next year, based on the Public Access Television Show we already broadcast once a week.


Mark April 14th, 2017 on your calendars. That is the official publication date thru Kitsap Publishing and Ingram Distributors of my three-volume, War and Peace of Alien Squid Invasion Novels. THE TSCHAAA INFESTATION, Volume I, THE GATHERING STORM, Volume II, THE TSUNAMI, Volume III, TYPHOON OF STEEL.  If you like Sci Fi/Speculative Fiction with Adult Themes that make you THINK; If you like books with exciting and well-developed characters; If you like strong heroes and heroines, unusual but interesting Aliens, and slam bam ACTION that harkens back to the Golden and Silver Age of Pulp Fiction, you’ll LOVE this series.

The Tschaaa Aliens came to Earth to eat us. Some humans fought, some tried to hide, others just died. A continuation of the short stories in THE FREE RANGE PROTOCOLS, many of the characters introduced in those stories are examined in greater detail as they try to survive as ‘Cattle’ or clients under the rule of the invading cephalopods. Yet many Homo sapiens fight back. Not only against the Tschaaa, their Cyborg Robocops, and their Harvesting machines, but also fellow humans, the Krakens, who develop a taste for human flesh in an attempt to emulate their Masters.

Torbin Bender, U.S. Marine and a hero for all seasons, becomes a main character in the War of Resistance. Introduced in the short stories, he soon is forced into the thick of things, receiving more and more positions and responsibilities that he ever desired. Yet he also finds a wife, Aleksandra Smirnov, former Russian Spy. In the midst of War and Death, they produce Life in the form of twin boys. But the Tschaaa Alien Lord, known as Neptune, has manipulated the human genome. Thus, the couple are faced with the possibility of giving birth to mutants, or worse, monsters. Thus, humanity have another reason to Hate the Squids.

Director Adam Lloyd is still attempting to “work” with Lord Neptune, to save as many humans as possible from the butchers block by obtaining “Client Status” under control of the Tschaaa. However, to do this, millions of “Cattle”, darker skinned humans, are sacrificed as Dark Meat. With an assembled group of hand-picked survivors, including a former porn star, a crazy ‘Admiral’,  a Bettie Page lookalike, as well as his former NCOIC from the U.S. Air Force, the Director creates a new capital city in Key West, Florida. But what seems to be forming into a stable New World becomes a center of strife and conflict. For not only does Lord Neptune have ulterior motives, but the Unoccupied States of America have other plans.

Madam President uses heroes such as Torbin Bender, Aleksandra, General Reed, and a host of others to fight back against the Aliens and their Kraken allies. So too does a new class of warrior, an Avenging Angel, appear. Abigail Young, child warrior from the Mormon State of Deseret, soon leads to the formation of a female warrior society, the Sisters of Steel, who rise to meet the Alien threat.  With other new group of fighters, War Dogs such as Sergeant Fuzz, New Samurai like Ichiro Yamamoto, and Russian Soldiers like ‘Stalin’, the Resistance takes form.

In “Cattle Country”, formerly the states of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, Malcom Carter, African-American, leads a revolt of his own to save the People of Color from being permanent Dark Meat for the larders of the Tschaaa. The Aliens use their minions the Krakens to fight back, and the blood flows.

As the conflicts begin to reach a crescendo, a possible light at the end of the tunnel appears. For thanks to a part human Cyborg  named Andrew and some Tschaaa Breeders, there is created a possible compromise for mutual survival.  Yet the question remains. Who will live, and who will die? The end of the third Volume tells all.

Not a series for the faint of heart, part of the reason for this work is to make a person THINK. To force a person to consider the Human Condition. What would YOU do to survive? Who or what would you sacrifice to live?

Pre-order thru the Facebook page of Kitsap Publishing. Soon to be offered on Amazon, Kindle, and through the book outlets supplied by Ingram Distributors and related book sellers. You will not be disappointed.


Well, my three volume War and Peace of Alien Squid Invasion Series is DONE AND PUBLISHED. Available thru Kitsap Publishing in Poulsbo, Washington and on Amazon. Soon to be available on Amazon Kindle. Barnes and Noble will carry my FREE RANGE PROTOCOL, which contains short stories that give the background to the War and Peace. The three volumes are  THE GATHERING STORM, THE TSUNAMI, TYPHOON OF STEEL. Each takes up where the short stories leave off with greater development of plot lines, characters and stories introduced in FREE RANGE PROTOCOL. All are under the over all banner of TALES OF THE TSCHAAA INFESTATION.

This is Adult Science Fiction with all the adult themes of sex, violence, identity politics, nastiness, and some crass language. For, my experience in years of Law Enforcement and traveling around the world leads me to drag us Nasty Monkeys out into the Light and make us examine who WE are, warts and all. I want people to read, to be angry, to feel love, happiness, and then THINK as to why we act they way we do. Whether you be religious, atheist, racist, moral, Straight, Gay, or in transition, this universe has a place for you as I examine all aspects of existence. We all have dark sides and my efforts at writing are to have the reader examine the ‘Dark’ in order to determine what it really  means to be Human.

I examine also what it means to be a ‘Person’, to be recognized as a Being with certain abilities and rights. The Tschaaa Aliens are examined from the aspects of them having a complicated culture, not just as ‘Bug Eyed Monsters’ who are here to eat us. Yes, we are like Cattle to them. But intelligent Cattle. Thus, the interaction of the two Apex Predatory Species is examined in detail . How it all ends I will not be given away, but it is action packed as well as a complicated examination of human interaction, to include out relations with Man’s Best Friend, our K-9 partners.

The series introduces some strong both heroic and evil characters. Among these are some women who are forced to become warriors, takers of life rather than givers of life. This starts the epic of the Avenging Angel and the BANSHEES, to be continued in future stories, past the three volume time line.

So buy a book. They are all action filled romps with a heart as well as a mind. Plus, with more adventures to follow. I wish everyone a pleasant day, and Good Reading!



My local publisher is preparing my Three Volume War and Peace of Squid Invasion Novels for upload to Amazon and formatting for print. FREE RANGE PROTOCOL Edition Two will be uploaded soon, after correcting a few minor glitches. Plus, I am about to start writing a series of short stories in the TSCHAAA Universe. Some may be posted on this Site to allow people to look at the Universe for free.

The script I was working on with a young lady plugs along, as there are people in Hollywood interested in it. Of course, everyone likes to “tweak it” to fit some view they have. But if they Buy It, It’s All Good.

As the New Year Approaches, new stories like images of sugarplum fairies dance in my head. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I predict large changes in the coming year, as I believe the average person is beginning to wake up to the concept that if you become involved, you CAN affect change. Non-traditional politics is growing in D.C. As one who worked in Government for some Thirty Years, Its About Time!



Well, I am about to finally publish my War and Peace of Squid Invasion Novels. The question is, how? More and more “publishing companies” want you to pay money up front with no guarantee that they have adequate marketing or distribution systems. I can see paying some for help with cover art, but if the business is not willing to put “skin in the game” why should I use them? If I have to do the lion’s share of promotion, marketing, sales, then what am I paying for?

At the Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference the end of July, I “Pitched” my literary works and received some good feedback, request for synopsis, book chapters and related materials. These were more traditional publishers, no request for Money Up Front. Now, I am awaiting the final feed back, including rejection letters. But at least I get Feedback that is honest and free.

I and some other local artists took the bull by the horns and now have a Public Access Television show on BKAT  Public Access Station in Bremerton, Washington. We are KLAW, the Kitsap Literary Artists and Writers of Washington. Is a publishing or marketing company doing this? Hell No! WE, the Authors who do the Work are doing it! We will showcase local artists, authors, screen and play writes, filmmakers and painters. Hopefully, we can help bypass middle managers who seem hesitant on helping people with their products.

So there is a paradigm shift, I believe, thanks to the Internet and creative use of the visual media. Some companies stuck in the 19th and early 20th Centuries are trying to push back. make fun of YouTube films, Independent Films and other works as “cheap” and “trashy”. Have you seen Hollywood lately? You have people who think a Re-make of “Ghostbusters” with a Female cast is some how original and artistic!

I have been developing a screenplay with a young lady with some Hollywood contacts that has created some interest and “buzz” among some people who have won awards for their endeavors. But she started the project with the idea of a Local Production so we wrote it for a ‘higher denominator’ than what I think is the target of the average traditional script. Thus, some were surprised this was our first script. And this was WITHOUT giving some body else money to consider publishing our work.

What is next? More venues like local fairs to help push books. But also, I plan on writing a series of Short Stories based on my Sci Fi Universe and either self publish on Kindle or post on this Web Blog. Why let someone else’s idea of what is “likable” limit any author from writing and putting their efforts out there for perusal? Edgar Allan Poe dies basically broke, and H.P. Lovecraft was not famous until years after his death. Culture and what is popular changes in the literary and art world often.

So, write what you like. Work at your craft. And tell the Nabobs of Negativity to go screw themselves! I have a Thriller based on my years in Law Enforcement in the works that I may also decide to self publish. By the way, if you have a business license, buy your own ISBN for your novel, then you TOO, can be a Publisher! After all, if someone who simply takes your money to upload it on the Internet is considered a publisher, why can’t you be?

So watch this page. And watch for more works of the TSCHAAA UNIVERSE, and Marshal Miller. Read and Write. Life is too short not to.